3D4VET Studies (3D4VET) is an EU funded project that has as a main objective the inclusion of 3D printing technologies in the Vocational Training studies in Europe by defining a common competence (Expert on 3D printing) to be applied in different VET domains, and developing the corresponding Learning pathway.

The project mainly aims at developing innovative curricula based on the usage of new digital technology to implement in the additive manufacturing industry, in line with the priority related to open and innovative education, training and youth, imbedded in the digital era. Furthermore, the new curricula will be adapted to the ECVET point system to guarantee an easy recognition in all partner countries, thus contributing to the transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications to facilitate learning, employability and labour mobility.

On the other hand, project activities will also enable the production of 3D printers, which will allow VET providers to create their own equipment. This promotes the sustainable investment, performance and efficiency in education and training, improving the quality and innovation of the learning process.

The project will also contribute to improve the knowledge of learners in one of the Key competences defined by the EC (ICT), thus it will allow final beneficiaries to increase their employability.