Collaborative Platform

The third intellectual output will be devoted to the design and development of an online collaborative platform for trainers, supporting the learning processes and for community building and sustainability. Indeed, the platform will be devoted to the exchange of information and experiences among teachers and trainers (peer-to-peer learning) by making available a repository of OpenEducational Resources (OER) aimed at providing teachers and trainers with materials and information relevant for their classes.

The online platform will constitute itself a repository of the different resources that will allow teachers and trainers to design their own training courses. Teachers belonging to the different Consortium members will be able to obtain resources, interact with other teachers and mentors, as well as become themselves mentors or trainers to other teachers without any restrictions, apart from receive the acknowledgement of existing mentors and trainers in the platform.INOVA will develop an online mentoring system, which will be accompanied by a recognition system for mentors.



O3 will be composed of 6 activities, as follows:

  • Analysis of existing platforms and repositories related to the field of 3D printing and education
    A simplified SCRUM methodology will be implemented to develop the platform. Resources will be deployed to generate contents and community (social networking/community management).
  • Design of mentoring system
    INOVA will develop an online mentoring system for the platform users by adapting theMentoring Circles™ methodology, which combines peer learning with mentoring and coaching. In addition, it will also define a recognition system for mentors.
  • Draft design of platform features and needs
    Draft design of platform features and needs according to the outcomes of O3-A1. The platform will be firstly created in English and on a second stage, translated to partners’ national languages (Spanish, Italian and Croatian).A users’ guidelines will be developed in English and translated into the different project languages.
  • Development of specific contents (Video tutorials) and adaptation of existing contents.
    Consortium will create tutorial in video for training purposes.All learning resources developed in O2 will be also adapted to the Repository, hosted in the platform. Contents will be mainly available in English, but it may occur to have free access contents in other partner’s national Languages (With subtitles in English for VideoTutorials).
  • Implementation and fine-tuning of the platform
    The activity will include the implementation of the usable platform, the upload of contents and community dynamisation and the evaluation and fine-tuning of the platform, especially after the pilot testing carried out in O2.Usability and ergonomics will be tested by final users.
  • O3 Report
    The results of the O2 activities will be reported in a comprehensive report: describing the activities carried on, target groups and stakeholders involved, results achieved; reporting the training contents, the testing and validation activities.The O2 report will be prepared in EN. Executive summary will be translated in all partners’ languages.