Spain- BioAvan

BioAvan R & D+i is a private laboratory with a strong commitment for the generation of innovative projects directed towards the demands of the productive sector. Created in 2009, our mission is to serve as mediator between the private sector and centers dedicated to basic research and to catalyze a dynamic process from the initial idea to the final application.
It is formed by specialized professionals who are committed to provide the complete and customer-oriented service of consulting, guidance in scientific matters, and formation with the objective of making innovative projects come true. BIOAVAN primarily focus on the areas of bio-applications and teaching innovation in new technologies.


INCOMA is a specialised training agency working with projects of an international nature,developing initiatives and ideas to facilitate mobility exchanges and to improve training levels amongst citizens. It was founded in Seville in 2003 by a group of young people who had themselves previously been beneficiaries of E.U-funded educational programmes.
INCOMA’s work primarily consists in the development of mobility and research projects, as well as in the transfer and exchange of good practice (targeting groups at risk of exclusion, eg. Unemployed young people, women and the immigrant community).
Throughout its 15 year history, INCOMA has grown and currently works with partners and clients from the majority of European countries. The agency also works in collaboration with other parts of the world, via services provided by the INCOMA group (which, in addition to the consulting agency, comprises of a language academy specialising in the teaching of Spanish to foreigners.)
In addition, INCOMA identifies itself with the core values of the E.U., such as democracy, social justice and respect for minority cultures, ensuring that it promotes European awareness at all times through its projects.


Croatia- IOS

Industrijsko-obrtnička škola Slavonski Brod has a long tradition. It was founded in 1947, and since 1991 it is known under its present name. The school has around 900 students which places it among the largest secondary school in Croatia. The school has 21 classrooms, a large school workshop (1450m2) and highly equipped machatronic, electrical, welding, CNC and optical fitters’ practicum.
The school is primarily focused on secondary and lifelong education in the following areas: mechanical engineering, energy and mechanics, electrical engineering, shipbuilding and transport divided in 21 programs. Educational process includes 85 teachers, seven of whom are advisers and twelve mentors.
All programs are approved by the Ministry of education which also shows that the school has all the recourses needed for educate students in these programs.

Spain- IES Antonio de Ulloa

IES Antonio de Ulloa is a relatively young educational center. It was inaugurated in the 2005/06 academic year. Despite its short history, it is recognised for its role in preparing young people for future.

In our school, we offer our studenst compulsory and post-compulsory programs. It is a public institution that depends on the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and is in charge of the learning of students with ages from 12 years. These students can study compulsory secondary education (four years, 12-16 range age), two vocational training cycles (Medium Welding and Boilermaking and Higher Level Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing, with a broad age range, including adults) and two “baccalaureates” (A levels in Science and Technology or Humanities and Social Sciences, 16-18 range age) complying with regional educational policies and regulations.

The main aim of our institution is to train all students who study Compulsory Secondary Education and post compulsory, as well as Vocational Training, following the educational guidelines established by the Ministry of Education. We also work to apply innovative methodologies, pedagogical renovation and educational research processes, promote the teaching initiative and encourage the realization of formative updates that help our team of teachers to acquire new knowledge, skills and abilities that improve their teaching practices in the classroom.

The European dimension is another priority line of work. Both priorities are closely linked to the focus of this project.


Italy- Ifoa

IFOA is a not-for-profit Training Centre, appointed since 1999 as a national VET centre, with 10 sites all over Italy. Standing out as one of the leading private training centers in Italy, IFOA delivers traditional and b-learning post-diploma (EQF 5) and post-graduate (EQF 6 and 7) programs for young unemployed, as well as lifelong training, consultancy and technical assistance to individuals, businesses and public bodies. Training courses and services are certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Since 1993, IFOA has been working in EU projects on curricula development, competences definition, assessment and recognition, lifelong learning, employability, mobility, ICT, etc. IFOA is in the network of the Italian and EU Chambers of Commerce, and member of the European network EfVET. IFOA is also head office of ULIXES, a EEIG involving training agencies, colleges, business schools and Chambers of Commerce in 10 EU member States. IFOA is an accredited EVS organisation as well.

Italy- Forcoop Cora Venezia

Forcoop Cora Venezia Sc has been operative since 1990 to design and implement training and guidance paths for people willing to (re)enter the labor market or for employed workers wishing to update or specialize their skills. It is accredited by the Veneto region for Guidance, Lifelong learning, Higher education and Employment services. Forcoop mainly operates in the area of Veneto region, but it is active at national and European levels thanks to its memberships in CORA and Tandem Plus Networks.
The “core business” is VET and guidance: post-diploma and post-lauream training, lifelong learning and training courses for disadvantaged groups (women, youth, migrants, seniors), school and vocational guidance (coaching, counseling, personal branding development), skills assessment and validation, ad-hoc methodologies development and experimentation, self-entrepreneurship guidance and consultancy.
Since 2013, Forcoop is an operating partner of the CRUNCHLAB project, managed by Magic SAS, based in San Dona di Piave, one of the 18 laboratories of Digital Manufacturing (FABLAB) funded by Veneto Region, Forcoop is responsible to treat the training activities, the presentation of new plans also for new businesses.


UK- Inova Consultancy

Inova Consultancy ltd. is a female-owned SME which specialises in providing consultancy services and project work in the fields of employment, gender and non-traditional fields, and entrepreneurship. Inova has extensive experience in working on European Funded Projects in the field of enterprise and career support both as a partner and contractor in Erasmus Plus and LLP projects.
Inova has specialist experience in running workshops, training courses and mentoring programmes aimed at helping young people to improve their employability prospects and to aid women starting up or developing their businesses. Inova has also developed personal development/soft skills development workshops and developed the innovative training methodology of Mentoring Circles for entrepreneurs in the UK. Inova has extensive networks of individuals and organisations committed to increasing the numbers of women in under-represented courses and careers e.g. self-employment, across Europe and has vast experience of working on transnational projects, understanding dissemination, mainstreaming and evaluation requirements. Inova represents WiTEC (European Association of Women in Science, Engineering and Technology) and has access to 10 countries in Europe working in gender issues.