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Final conference of 3D4VET in Seville 

Last 13th November INCOMA organised in CPIFP Los Viveros, in Seville (Spain) the final conferences of the 3D4VET project. 

More than 140 participants attended the final conference of 3D4VET project after two years of implementation. This conference was organised in the premises of the Public Education VET School Los Viveros that became in a meeting point of project partners, teachers, students and companies related with 3D printing.  

During this event, project partners presented all the results obtained during the 2 years of the project as well as the initiatives developed. On the one side, IES Antonio de Ulloa and BIOAVAN presented the competencies of the 3D Expert as well as the training pathway; and on the other side, INCOMA presented the collaborative platform of 3D4VET. 

A round table took also place. It was organised with the objective of showing students the different working options existing in Seville and related with 3D printing. It was a very interested event where the companies Dentalad, 3D Impact, CATEC and FabLab explained their daily work and discussed about the importance of 3D technology for VET training in Spain. 

3D4VET book! 

The most important 3D4VET project results has been published in a collaborative book in which all partners have participated. 

After two years of hard work, the professional qualifications carried out in the Intellectual Output 1 about the 3D Printing Expert Profile, together with an outline of the training contents developed in Intellectual Output 2 about the learning pathway. The book has been registered and it will be presented to the education authorities of the Regional Government of Andalusia in order to create a specific training on this field. 

The new 3D-printing related project “MakIN Teach” has launched! 

Last September 2019 started this project, called “MAKerspaces for INnovation in TEACHing practices – MakIN Teach”, whose objective is integrating the PIY philosophy to enhance the interest of students in learning processes. 

The project partners are AFP Patronato de San Vincenzo (Italy), IES Juan Ciudad Duarte (Spain), Tallinn Polytecnic School (Estonia), Transit Projects (Spain) and Center for Creative Training Association (Bulgaria).  

This project will have a duration of 2 years and will have as main objective the development of more attractive educative methods as well as more learning environments related with the real life. This will be achieved thanks to the support of Makerspaces and FabLabs that can help teachers in this path of change.  

MakIN Teach tries to integrate the “Do It Yourself” philosophy together with “learning experience” and “active learning”. When implementing these concepts, partnership aims to exchange good practices in the use of techniques on rapid creation of prototypes, tools and spaces in the fields of education and training with the purpose of supporting teachers / educators who work with students who show non satisfactory education results in theoretical subjects (ex. Mathematics, biology, geography, history, language, communication, etc.). 

3D4VET 2017-1-ES01-KA202-038000
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